My Z2 Mini Box | 5un Energy Gel Z2

My Z2 Mini Box - Now from R$65.80

Customize your box of 5 units with the flavors you like most and a special price!

Z2 and Z2n Line - From R$13.99 for R$13.16/unit

Z2+ Line - From R$14.99 for R$14.09/unit

For more information about each flavor, access the specific pages for each product available in STORE > GÉIS Z2.

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[MMB] - Energy Gel Z2 Choco Mint
[MMB] - Energy Gel Z2 Pitaya
[MMB] - Energy Gel Z2 Salted Caramel
[MMB] - Energy Gel Z2 Tropical Fruit
[MMB] - Energy Gel Z2+ Freezin' Cola
[MMB] - Energy Gel Z2+ Iced Coffee
[MMB] - Energy Gel Z2+ Lemon
[MMB] - Energy Gel Z2+ Pineapple Mint
[MMB] - Energy Gel Z2n Smooth Mint